September 15, 2011

My baby sister and her husband welcomed a gorgreous baby girl into the family at the end of August. I was honored to be there with her, cheer her on, and capture the beautiful miracle that is a child coming into this world. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite images with you.

This and the next are so precious.



Mama and sweet baby.


I love this moment.


Congrats baby sis. I love you!


shalee says:

How beautiful. I love the last picture. Priceless.

(09.16.11 @ 10:25 PM)
Stephanie says:

These are beautiful!! They brought tears to my eyes. Your family is growing fast with all these new sweet babies!

(09.18.11 @ 12:09 PM)
Katie Joe says:

These are so precious to me! thank you, Im really glad to have these moments captured.

(10.04.11 @ 11:04 PM)
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September 13, 2011

I got an email from a friend, Gina Maxine, of Gina Maxine Photography in California, about a group she is a part of called Elevate. The concept, led by the amazing photographer Nichole Van, is a fantastic monthly jaunt into the realm of fantasy and fine art. As I read Nichole's introduction to the project, I felt like I was reading about my own childhood dreams and playtime with my sisters when we would watch a marathon of Anne of Green Gables, or pretend that we were stars from the movies. Much like the talented group of women participating in Elevate, I love that photography allows you to bring those childhood fantasies to fruition through the lens.

Although I am not part of the group, I can't help but want to play along..... to expand my horizons, and push myself to create and think outside the box. So here is my contribution this month. I have had this rolling around in my head since seeing a similar shot from another photographer in a magazine. We drug out an old ladder and I snatched a few photographs of my baby sister and her husband as the light dimmed at the end of their maternity session. Then I set out to create the magic of the shot in photoshop. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Star art clouds2.jpg

Holly says:

I think this is pretty amazing Cindy! Your creativity is perfect. :) I'm sure this will be a picture that Katie and her fam with cherish forever.

(09.18.11 @ 05:18 PM)
Katie Joe says:

I LOVE this picture! It is going to be big above Maggies crib. :)

(10.04.11 @ 11:00 PM)
Sara Murdock says:

LOVE!!! You are an artist, my dear!

(11.02.11 @ 09:57 PM)
Gina says:

this is just amazing. concept photography is so difficult and you nailed it!!!

(12.03.11 @ 12:10 AM)
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Hello all.....yes I'm still here....What is that you say? Yes I have been gone awhile, and I must apologize for my absence. This year some other projects have taken me away from the blog and from focusing fully on Lily P. Studio. This has been and is continuing to be a year of learning for me. Learning to weed out the distractions in my life....that I only have so much time and I can't stretch in all directions. Learning to trust the Lord and the path he wants me to follow...and learning that he wants happiness for me, and if I would just stop digging in my heels, he would gladly take my hand along that path and show me the way. The past few months have also brought me this gorgeous little blessing...Maricopa-Newborn-Photograph.jpgShe has been so much fun. I'll post more about her soon. She has brought so much joy to our family and her personality is getting so fun! She has brought me a fresh outlook on life....reinvigorated my passion for the things I love.....and brought out the girliness in me that was buried under dinosaurs, scraped knees and Lightning McQueen. I can't walk into any store that has a baby girl's section and get away without falling prey to some devilish pink and sparkly temptation! 

Sooo.... I'm back and so excited to focus on photography. I have some fun projects in store, as well as a collaboration with my talented sister and stylist, Lisa to bring you some fun fall sessions. So stay tuned!

Robyn says:

Yahoo! So glad you are back and doing well. My goodness, that is one pretty baby. I wonder sometimes if there is any girliness in me anywhere :).

(09.13.11 @ 08:07 AM)
Shalee says:

Glad your back.I've been wanting to see pictures of cassidy. She is darling. You need to get on my blog, I try to post a lot so my family and friends from a far can keep up. Miss you, love you.. Glad your getting to do some girly things now.

(09.13.11 @ 02:24 PM)
Aunt Robyn says:

Your little one is so beautiful. Little girls are so fun to have. Can't wait to get to see her. Hope life keeps getting better and better for you guys and so happy you are back on the blog..aunt robyn

(09.13.11 @ 06:59 PM)
Holly says:

I am so glad you are back too! I had been wanting to see a picture of your little cutie! I understand a little too well about the devilish girly temptations at every store. My husband always threatens me before I go out, but it never works out in his favor. :)

(09.14.11 @ 07:00 AM)
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November 28, 2010

I know that I've fallen off the blogging wagon for awhile, and I've got lots to share both personal and business goodness. In the meantime here are some I took last week. Hi Julia!

Robyn says:

I've been missing your blog and your beautiful images. These newest ones surely don't disappoint! You are a true artist, Cindy.

(11.28.10 @ 01:27 PM)
julia Liljenquist says:

Love them Cindy! Great job as always and you caught the light in these perfect

(12.01.10 @ 03:54 PM)
Sara says:

My so talented friend, these are beautiful!

(12.05.10 @ 12:24 AM)
Kristin says:

Oh, I NEED you to take pics of my kids again!

(12.11.10 @ 08:42 PM)
Lisa says:

Hey Sis. These are beautiful. I love love the first and last ones. I think every mom wants a cute one of their kids hugging and holding hands so cute. And the last ones are beautiful. I love how moody they are!

(12.19.10 @ 09:46 PM)
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This was such a fun session. I love going to clients' homes for sessions and photographing children in their home turf. These three kiddos were so much fun, and so happy. You know when tutus and teddy bears are involved, things are going to go well!

On a side note, we are still looking for models for Saturday August 28th. Details are in the next post!

Shannon Williams says:

wow...beautiful colors in their home! cute cute kids! how fun!

(08.19.10 @ 07:52 AM)
Tanecia says:

These are so adorable.I can't stop looking at them......

(08.19.10 @ 10:03 AM)
Grandma says:

My grandbabbies oh so cute! They can model!!

(08.22.10 @ 02:30 PM)
DaJuana Moore says:

Too cute. I feel that I am looking at Chris as a little boy all over again. This is such a endearing phase when the "big" teeth start to appear. The baby is so adorable. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

(08.23.10 @ 12:25 PM)
Sara says:

Darling, Cindy! i love these teethy smiles & the tutus, of course!

(08.29.10 @ 10:13 PM)
Janice & Jeremy Bryan says:

Man I wish you were closer so I could cute shots of my kids like those.

(09.17.10 @ 03:26 PM)
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