April 26, 2010

My chubalub nephew that I want to munch on and tickle everytime I see him! He has gotten so big!  Sometimes with babies, simple is so sweet.


baby picture


baby photography


KatieJoe says:

AHH the second one is my fav. He is such a cutie patootie! I love how simple it is.

(04.27.10 @ 02:49 PM)
Lisa says:

Soooo cute! I love it! These pictures make me want to kiss on his chubby cheeks! I'm so lucky I get to do that everyday! Thanks for the beautiful shots Sue. I'll have to put these on our growth chart!!!

(04.27.10 @ 09:18 PM)
Lisa says:

Oh, I love the new pictures in your header frames! The ones of Keri's boys are so cute. May I request a post of them?!!! You are such a talent!

(04.27.10 @ 09:21 PM)
shalee says:

Oh my goodness look how cute he is. and how limber he is around all his rolls. Darling!

(04.28.10 @ 08:46 AM)
Shannon says:

beautiful and perfect in every way.

(04.28.10 @ 01:22 PM)
Gina says:

oh my word, so freaking cute!! makes me want more kids! and yes, simple is the BEST w/ babies!

(04.29.10 @ 11:09 AM)
jackie says:

I LOVE these!!!!! The second one just makes me giggle:)

(04.29.10 @ 01:08 PM)
jackie says:

I LOVE these!!!!! The second one just makes me giggle:)

(04.29.10 @ 01:11 PM)
Lisa Liljenquist says:

Cindy, I love all of your pictures. I was scrapbooking some of our wedding photos and just kept looking at them over and over. I just really love them. Thanks again,

(04.29.10 @ 09:20 PM)
Kristin says:

You are awesome Cindy!!!

(06.14.10 @ 12:41 AM)
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