This was such a fun session. I love going to clients' homes for sessions and photographing children in their home turf. These three kiddos were so much fun, and so happy. You know when tutus and teddy bears are involved, things are going to go well!

On a side note, we are still looking for models for Saturday August 28th. Details are in the next post!

Shannon Williams says:

wow...beautiful colors in their home! cute cute kids! how fun!

(08.19.10 @ 07:52 AM)
Tanecia says:

These are so adorable.I can't stop looking at them......

(08.19.10 @ 10:03 AM)
Grandma says:

My grandbabbies oh so cute! They can model!!

(08.22.10 @ 02:30 PM)
DaJuana Moore says:

Too cute. I feel that I am looking at Chris as a little boy all over again. This is such a endearing phase when the "big" teeth start to appear. The baby is so adorable. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

(08.23.10 @ 12:25 PM)
Sara says:

Darling, Cindy! i love these teethy smiles & the tutus, of course!

(08.29.10 @ 10:13 PM)
Janice & Jeremy Bryan says:

Man I wish you were closer so I could cute shots of my kids like those.

(09.17.10 @ 03:26 PM)
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The model call from my last post went really well! We had so many cute kiddos come out for the shoot. Here are some shots we got that day during all of their mini shoots. We took a few minutes for each model for a mini shoot, and they got to choose a free print from the session. 

Blog Post1.jpg

We have TWO MORE model shoots coming up on August 28th and September 11th!  We are looking for a diverse group of children for some amazing phonics curriculum that we are developing.Your child needs to be between the ages of 4-7 years old (can be older if they look little!). We will be photographing them using alphabet themes.  For your time you will receive a free 5x7 print of your child from images similar to the ones above. The model shoot will take place here in Maricopa, I'd love to see all my Maricopa friends come out! If you are interested, please email me at and we will send you the information for the shoots. If you know anyone with adorable children, feel free to pass the information along!

Jenna Scoresby says:

What about Holl? I think she's cute :)

(08.16.10 @ 07:10 PM)
Kristin says:

The first pic Rylee says "Look at me with long hair. I am so cute" --og course she is. Then on the group shot she says to Kodee, " Look at me, I'm bigger. I'm smiling like a freaking toy" Not quite sure what that means. Where do they come up with that? I think I will need more pics. I love that group shot of the girls. Thanks for letting them be apart of it.

(09.06.10 @ 10:08 AM)
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This past week I've been spending time with my family in Utah, (Mapleton to be exact) and we are having so much fun! My sister's house has so many fun little places to photograph the kiddos, and I've been having fun photographing my nieces and nephews. So I thought, why not have a few mini sessions while I'm here and allow some others in on the fun! So here it is:

Utah Mini Sessions (Mapleton, UT):

20-30 Minutes of fun with me, where we'll run around the property playing and getting fantastic images.


10-20 Images for you in your password protected gallery


An Online Slideshow to show friends and family (for 6 mths)


1- 11x14 Print ($75 value)


4 tagged facebook pics of your session on my brand new Facebook page for you to share

with friends and Family.


SESSION PRICE $95 - via PayPal to reserve the slot.


Option to purchase digital files at $395 

 A-LA-CARTE - print pricing ( $25 for 5×7 & $45 for 8×10)


20% OFF A LA CARTE prices - if booked by SATURDAY NIGHT at 10pm.


Need the deal to be a little sweeter?

* Send this to your friends and if you both book a session,


So if you get 5 friends to book with you, that is $125 you get free! How is that for a generous offer!


Sessions will be held in the mornings next week, Monday thru Thursday from 8am-10am. I'll only do a few sessions each morning, so I can still enjoy my vacation time! If you need an afternoon to evening (cause the sun goes down crazy late each night!) let me know and I can open 2 evening sessions up.  


I'm super excited to see you, and your kiddos to play this next week! 


I'm leaving at the end of next week, and probably won't be back up to Utah til next summer, so if you have been wanting a session with me, email me at cindyatlilypstudiodotcom (you know you need to put in the right symbols there right?) with the day you want and I'll send you a paypal invoice for the session fee. Once you pay, your on the books! If your time is taken I'll let you know what else I have available. 

Here are a few images I've been getting of my little kin just to wet your whistle!



Christina says:

Who let Carly grow up? Beautiful Photos as usual Cindy! I wish we lived closer! I would love to follow you around for a while, and see how you post process. :o) ~Christy

(07.09.10 @ 02:06 PM)
Joy Schmidt says:

You are amazing! I absolutely LOVE all the pics!!! Wish I lived closer so you could do mine! Love ya, Joy

(07.16.10 @ 01:38 PM)
Jamelle Kelly says:

love Utah scenery! We need to chat soon. Miss you. :)

(07.17.10 @ 08:40 AM)
lilypblog says:

Joy! Where are you living right now? I'll be up in the Portland area from Sept 12-15th. I'd love to see you guys!

(07.21.10 @ 04:51 PM)
Sara says:

Love, love, love! Esp. C with the truck & little misses eyes.

(08.06.10 @ 06:32 PM)
Sarah says:

Beautiful pictures! I can't believe how grown up they all are.

(10.03.10 @ 07:06 AM)
Kristin says:

Awesome pics, as usual!

(12.11.10 @ 08:37 PM)
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When I planned and created this blog, and the direction that Lily P. Studio would take this year, I hoped to get everything wrapped up and running smoothly very quickly. As I've learned over and over throughout my life, my timetable is rarely the one that ends up being reality. This short span into the new year has been more than a little unpredictable, in both good and bad ways. I surely didnt' plan on debuting my lovely new blog, only to leave it idle for weeks if not months. This past week has been challenging personally for my family, and I am reminded that life does not work on our timetable.... that we can allow ourselves to be swept up, and give ourselves permission to speed up and slow down with its ebbs and flows. So I'm letting myself go to the flow of life, at least for now. I had a mini session today with a young lady I have photographed since Lily P. Studio opened our doors. I was a little bit down today, and she was just the pick me up I needed. At the end of the session, as we drove back to my house, she sang Annie's "The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow"  and as I sang with her (a little bit off tune, but that's o.k.) my heart sang with her, and I was reminded that no matter what today becomes, tomorrow is a new day, and the sun always comes up. Thank you, Emily, for that little reminder. _MG_8547.jpg

Lisa says:

Beautiful picture Cin. She looks like an angel!
Love you, Lis

(03.17.10 @ 11:08 PM)
Christina says:

Georgous as always Cindy!

(03.18.10 @ 10:08 PM)
KCW says:

Oh Cindy, you are a true artist.

(03.21.10 @ 10:13 PM)
Jana says:

Cindy, you are amazing! WIsh you lived closer to me...

(03.22.10 @ 05:43 AM)
gina says:

i love this post... she's beautiful and the sun WILL come up tomorrow!!

(03.24.10 @ 01:01 AM)
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