The model call from my last post went really well! We had so many cute kiddos come out for the shoot. Here are some shots we got that day during all of their mini shoots. We took a few minutes for each model for a mini shoot, and they got to choose a free print from the session. 

Blog Post1.jpg

We have TWO MORE model shoots coming up on August 28th and September 11th!  We are looking for a diverse group of children for some amazing phonics curriculum that we are developing.Your child needs to be between the ages of 4-7 years old (can be older if they look little!). We will be photographing them using alphabet themes.  For your time you will receive a free 5x7 print of your child from images similar to the ones above. The model shoot will take place here in Maricopa, I'd love to see all my Maricopa friends come out! If you are interested, please email me at and we will send you the information for the shoots. If you know anyone with adorable children, feel free to pass the information along!

Jenna Scoresby says:

What about Holl? I think she's cute :)

(08.16.10 @ 07:10 PM)
Kristin says:

The first pic Rylee says "Look at me with long hair. I am so cute" --og course she is. Then on the group shot she says to Kodee, " Look at me, I'm bigger. I'm smiling like a freaking toy" Not quite sure what that means. Where do they come up with that? I think I will need more pics. I love that group shot of the girls. Thanks for letting them be apart of it.

(09.06.10 @ 10:08 AM)
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July 15, 2010


block pic for web.jpgPlease excuse the quality of that picture! I'm working from the road and short on time! I am looking for child models for a phonics curriculum that is in development.  We are looking for children between 4-7 years old. We will be taking pictures using alphabet themes.  For your time you will recieve one free 5X7 picture of your child.  We will be scheduling pictures for Wednesday,  July 28 in Mesa.  If you are interested please call Julie Allred at (480)659-3993 or email her at and she will give you more information. Thanks!


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