For some reason this didn't post- so it is way late. Sorry mom!

My mom is the most fantastic lady. She successfully raised 7 children into adulthood and is the proud grandma of 13 grandchildren. And 3 of her kids haven't even started having babies! Here is a pic of 12 of the kids.....the 13th just came into the world a couple of weeks ago, and is a state away, so I haven't got a pic of him yet.

Grandkids.jpg Pretty cute kids, don't ya think? I don't think there is an ugly gene in any of them. And don't you think Kallin on the top left looks just like SJ in Blindside! He acts just like him too.

Anyway, back to my fantastic mom. She has always been so busy and so on the ball. I remember being amazed even as a teenager that she could juggle all of us kids with our various activities and clubs. She and my dad always made sure we were involved in either an activity or a sport and they came to watch us in most of them. The staff at school always knew my mom well, and so did the students and everyone genuinely loves her. Now that I'm older I depend on my mom in entirely different ways, and I am thankful for our relationship. I'm so glad that I can call her my friend as well as my mom. Mom, I love you! Happy birthday.




shalee says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT JILL. There are some beautiful pics that Cin has posted. I love the very last one.

(02.16.10 @ 03:57 PM)
Lisa says:

Cindy: this is awesome! I don't know why I didn't see it until now. I love the picture scroll to the right! These are such beautiful pictures of Mom! I love her! She is so much FUN.
Hi Shaski...If you read these comments! LOVE YOU!

(02.23.10 @ 01:10 AM)
Robyn Hansen says:

What beautiful women all of you are. I agree what a wonderful, caring and creative mom you have.Ii 't have been so lucky in my life to have been so close to her. Besides sleeping with her in the same room when we were young and having to bonk her on the head with a cast so she remembered who was oldest. Love love love her. I was truly blessed..

(09.13.11 @ 07:28 PM)
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