Welcome to the new home of Lily P. Studio! You may notice our updated look and brand. This past year I reflected heavily on where the Studio was headed and what my focus should be. There are going to be a lot of changes around here, with amazing new products, a new look and focus, and much more.   This has been a long journey, and I feel like we are just at the beginning! There is still a lot of work to do around here to get everything up and running, so please bear with me! In the meantime, if you would like to catch any of my past work, feel free to hop on over to the old blog at www.lilystudio.typepad.com. I'd love to have your feedback on our new look, so please leave me some comments!


Heather says:

I think your site is amazing. You did such a great job. I love it all. Classy and unique. Hail to the Chief!

(01.23.10 @ 09:30 AM)
Amy Merrill says:

Your new look is stunning! I love it! Nice job, Cindy.

(01.26.10 @ 02:41 PM)
Robyn says:

Just today I was thinking, "I hope Cindy puts something new up soon!" I can't wait to follow along. Your work is seriously incredible and I admire it, and you, very much.

(02.03.10 @ 04:42 PM)
Michelle says:

I LOVE it! The mantel idea is so cute, and a great way to show off some of your work!

(02.03.10 @ 07:04 PM)
Leah says:

Love it girl....so beautiful!

(02.06.10 @ 08:50 PM)
Kaylee says:

I love you new site! so fresh and there is seriously nothing like it! I am always showing my friends how amazing your photography is and now I can't wait to show them your new stuff! seriously, you stuff is legendary in Tallahassee, Florida!

(02.08.10 @ 10:29 PM)
Shannon Williams says:

classy! love the look, and of course, your work! inspiring!

(02.11.10 @ 11:34 AM)
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